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for your property in Laconia or Messinia


Our montage, maintenance and repair service optionally includes:
  • Electroslag welding of gates, doors and door frames
  • Repairs or renovation of sanitary installations
  • Maintenance and overhaul of the heating system
  • Montage of fitted kitchens
  • House repairs of structural nature
  • Construction of enclosures and gates
  • Laying out of pathways and terraces
  • Construction of pergolas and car ports
Of course we have at our disposal all tools and machines required for carrying out the aforementioned works.

If you entrust us with the maintenance of your estate, we will control in regular intervals all important installations inside and outdoors. In case we notice any damage or fault, we will first of all contact you, describe the problem and illustrate it with photos. Further on, we will propose the repair of the damage by us and provide a cost estimate. We will only undertake works upon written order by you.

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