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Our area of work is Laconia and Messinia in the middle south of Peloponnese. For unique services in a bigger frame we will be active with pleasure also in any other regions of Greece.
Landkarte Peloponnes
Mani Mani Mani Mani

The South-Peloponnese is one of the most delightful landscapes of Greece, because it offers not only a variety of bays and beaches with crystal clear water, but also mountain massifs as mount Taygetos with its 2.407 m. high peak “Profitis Ilias” or mount Parnon (1.961 m), which invite you to the most wonderful mountain walks. Another sight is also the Mani district, stretching from the harbour town of Gythion to the rocky southern tip of Cape Tainaron. The landscape is characterized by rugged barrenness and the impressive tower houses of natural stone grouped in villages, as well as by grey stony soil, harsh winds and the boundless sea.

Because of all these scenic attractions and of the peculiar Greek way of life, many Central Europeans in particular decide to purchase their own holiday house here. Associated with it is a maintenance effort not to be underestimated, and only few people like to spent it in their precious holiday time.

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